Welcome to the Gilar Coast.

We are still in development, but we are getting enough bits together to give a feeling of what we are trying to achieve. You can leave comments in our general forum, although you have to sign up to wikidot first.

World Concept

We want to create a world that is half way between Action and Role Play, which will interact with characters as they pass through it, even when there are no DMs on line. We will have a specific pantheon of gods for clerics to follow, and will implement a number of systems that change PC reputation and alignment according to the PCs actions. You will get the chance to rob the town’s folk, or to kill them if they get in your way - but if you get caught, you can expect the guards to attack you whenever you are in town. You will be able to intimidate folks, do good deeds, capture escaped prisoners or work for the Town Guard. You will also be able to become a Master Crafter, run your own store and many other things besides. And you will be able to go out and kill stuff too. What more could you want?

And now we have a story concept for the world as PCs follow an overarching quest to become immortal, and there will be other storyline elements as well. Read the story here, ('spoiler').

So far:- Custom climbing system, custom death system, persistent time and location, all crafts available at low levels (some custom items), a few NPCs, some low level quests, persistent Storage, RP rewards for thieves.
Planned:- Our implementation of the DPP Pantheon religious system for clerics, Blood Magic System.

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Category:- Story Lite
Server:- Bailey_2 (or Unnamed)
Module:- The Gilar Coast

Version and Systems:
NWN, SOU, HOTU, CEP 2.4, CNR, NWNx, APS, JB_Death, JB_Climb.

JohnB, CelticAri, IanB8, Andras

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Playing Tips

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